Thursday, 19 March 2015

My Little Superbox Review

This months My Little Box is the wonderful My Little Superbox. As usual the My Little Box came filled with a mix of beauty goodies, the My Little World magazine and some lifestyle bits and bobs. There didn't seem to be a print included in this months box which is a shame because they are one of my favourite features of these boxes.

Once again the My Little World magazine is packed with interesting articles and beautiful photography. I really enjoy having these little magazines with me and tend to keep the newest one in my handbag so whenever I have a free moment I can read one of the articles. The box also included  a sheet of superhero themed stickers which are really cute and I'll probably use to liven up an old notebook I have.

The beauty bits this month seemed different from box to box. I have seen a few other blogger reviews and there seems to be a mix of what products people got. I received the Kerastase Lait Cristal which by the looks of it is an intensive wash out conditioner that treats dry hair. This is a great size for traveling and I think you'd probably be able to get three or four generous uses out of the tube. The next item I received is the Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream, I have been suffering from really dry hand at the moment so I'm looking forward to using this and seeing if it is as good as previous Caudalie products I have tried. The final beauty product I received is the My Little Beauty Lips and Cheeks Stick. The My Little Box's own brand product is always the thing I look forward to trying out the most because so far the products I have received have all been really good quality.

The My Little Beauty Lips and Cheeks stick is a lovely bold, orangey red shade which is ideal to brighten up your complexion during the spring. I haven't had a chance to use it properly yet but from swatching the product it seems to be a lovely soft formula which glides onto the skin easily. It is very highly pigmented which will be great when applied to the lips but I think I'll have to be careful when applying it to my cheeks! Having said that it does blend out easily so if I do go in a little to heavy handed I should have plenty of time to blend it out.

The final product and probably the main product in the box is this cute grey tee. I have again seen these on other blogs with different slogans on but I think this one is really sweet. The T-shirt is made of a lovely soft cottony material and I think I'll probably end up using it as a cosy night shirt.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Bobbi Brown and Talk Becky Talk John Lewis Meet Up

Last week I attended the Bobbi Brown and Becky Sheeran meet up as well as the launch of the new Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation.

The event was the first meet up I have ever been to so I wasn't really sure what to expect. Held at the Bobbi Brown concession in John Lewis, Oxford Street, the event started with a make-up demonstration using the new Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation. The lovely Hannah Martin talked us through the best way to apply the new Serum Foundation as well as how to put Becky's full look together. We were also explained the benefits of this new foundation which not only provides moderate coverage but also has a skin friendly serum mixed in to help improve your skins natural appearance. 

The Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation is currently available exclusively at John Lewis so if you want to try it out I would advise popping down to your local store and get properly coloured matched so that you can find your perfect foundation shade. 

You will probably know Becky from her YouTube channel Talk Becky Talk which is one of my favourites to watch. If you want to know a little more about the foundation and how to achieve Bobbi Brown professional standard makeup then check out this video which Hannah and Becky made together. 

After the make-up demonstration we were all colour matched to the new foundation by one of the many Bobbi Brown make-up artists. It was a really great opportunity to find out which shade would compliment my natural complexion and I was given a 7 day sample so that I can try the foundation out at home.

Myself and Becky

The goody bag which we took home on the night included a mini Bobbi Brown foundation brush, a 7 day sample of the new Intensive Skin Serum Foundation and some information on the new serum. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Red Lipstick Review

This Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick is one of my all time favourite lipsticks. Not only is the gold packaging stunning but the lipstick itself is ultra long wearing. I had never used any Elizabeth Arden products before but after I had given their famous eight hour cream a go and fallen in love with it, I was up for trying out some more products.

Firstly lets address the lipsticks packaging. The lipstick comes in gold metal packaging which has a nice weight to it, which I think makes it easier to apply. I always find it disappointing when you buy an expensive lipstick and it is presented in plastic packaging so I am very happy with the quality of this one.

Red Door Red is a classic pillar box red shade which suits pretty much all skin tones. The formula of this lipstick is as the name suggest is a creamy moisturising formula. Finish isn't strictly a matt finish however once it has dried a little on the lips it has a matt effect. The lipstick claims to have 12 hour wear time, I'm not sure that's strictly true especially if you are planning to eat and drink whilst wearing it but the colour does fade evenly so you don't get left with an outer line of lipstick.

Let me know what your favourite long wearing red lipstick is!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Silk'n Glide™ First Impressions

At home hair removal systems are fast becoming a must have for any beauty obsessive. With so many available on the market it's hard to know where to start looking. Laser hair removal systems are pretty powerful at home beauty electronics so it is important to choose one which is safe to use but which also provides an effective treatment. 

This new system from Silk'n is the Silk'n Glide Permanent Hair Removal system which is suitable for first time at home laser system users as well as those who have knowledge of HPL systems. The system is medically proven for permanent hair removal results, and it's skin colour sensor offers superior safety. The devise has a high pulse recharge rate which allows you to treat your whole body in approximately 30 minutes.

The system is suitable for both men and women to use and comes complete with a simple step by step treatment guide. Depending on your skintone and hair type the complete treatment program takes an average of 12 months to complete, with a treatment being done every 4 weeks. 

The device comes well packaged in order to prevent damage to the device. The external packaging slides off to expose the zip up device case.

As you can tell this is the pink device (other colours are available for different models including blue and green devices) and this colour theme is continued throughout the packaging.

The Silk'n Glide comes in this handy travel case which is moulded to securely hold the device. The case is made from a firm material which means that it won't get squashed or damaged when packed in with other luggage. As the system requires treatments every 4 weeks this travel case is handy so that your device is easy to transport. 

This small, light-weight device has a sleek elegant design. It's slim design means that the Silk'n Glide™ stands out from it's market competitors as most other device tend to be larger and less travel friendly. 

The device has a sleek ergonomic design which means it's easy to hold and can be used to glide effortlessly over your whole body. The trigger button is the large button on the top of the device which is easy to press. However the device will only work when in contact with the skin to make sure you don't send any unwanted pulses. 

The Silk'n Glide has a large 3cm treatment zone which means you can treat large skin areas such as your legs or arms quickly and effectively. 

This is the on/off switch for the device but it also allows you to control the strength of the pulse applied to your skin. To know what level you need to set it to you just follow the simple guidelines shown in the step by step guide. 

This is just a first impressions review of the Silk'n Glide, as the device is effective over a long period of time I will be posting three future post on the device including a how to use, 6 month review and year on review. 

Silk'n Glide is available to purchase from this post is not sponsored and all opinions expressed are my own.