Thursday, 30 April 2015

No7 Instant Radiance Highligher and Bronzing Highlighter Review

One of the latest makeup products to hit the market are bronzer and highlighter chubby sticks. Originally bought out by Clinique the bronzer and highlighter sticks are designed to allow quick application of the product, straight from the bullet without the need of brushes. The Clinique Chubby Sticks cost £19.00 each whereas the No7 Instant Radiance Sticks cost only £9.95 each. 

I wasn't totally convinced by the concept of a cream based bronzer so it took me a little while to go out and try these out. I decided to try out the No7 sticks instead of the Clinique alternative purely because of the price.

I was actually really impressed by these No7 sticks. The soft, creamy texture means it glides smoothly onto your cheeks without any tugging against the skin. I found that they were highly pigmented enough that you only need to do one swipe but not overly pigmented that you have to spend ages blending them in. 

I tried to different ways of blending; with my fingers and with a brush. Both worked really well however I prefer the finish with the brush (I used the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush) because you could buff the product in to give a really natural finish. 

I would recommend these sticks as they are great for on the go or for a quick contour in the morning rush. However I do have to say that they do have a strong shimmer, as you can probably tell from the photos. This is great if you want to get a lowly beach look but if your into more of a matt contour I would steer clear of these. 

Let me know if you've tried out any other chubby stick style products because now I've got into them I want to try out some more. 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Best picks from Tall collections

Having been tall all of my life (well since 12 when I was already 5ft 9") I have often found it hard to find clothes that fit me properly. Being 5ft 11" I have struggled to find clothing that is long enough for not just my legs but arms and body too. There is nothing worse then wearing a beautiful jacket that a good 2 inches too short in the arms or a pair of jeans which finish way above your ankles. Previously when I have been hunting for clothing which claim to be in the Tall range you come across an issue where stores presume you must be a larger and broader build because you are tall, which isn't always the case. So the problem came with finding clothes that were not only long enough but also fitted the rest of your body well. Luckily brands have begun to expand their clothing ranges and most well known women's clothing chains now have a Tall range. However they do only include a limited collection of items... but it's better then nothing. It is usually hard to find the Tall ranges in store so I have found the easiest way to get clothes that fit properly is online. Here are my favourite sites and some of my top picks.

Best for dresses

Asos is one brand that has a fantastic Tall selection, offering a great choice of styles and designs, many of which are exactly the same style as regular fit pieces but with an extra inch or two of fabric so that they fit proportionally better to your frame. Asos has been my go to for dresses for sometime now and is great for both day and evening dresses, which aren't really expensive. Another good thing about Asos is because they stock loads of brands you can find pieces from companies you may not have come across on the high street.

Best for tops

New Look is a great go to for Tall tops, they are always really reasonably priced and if your looking for some day to day basics you know you will also get great quality items. New Look has a bigger selection of Tall clothing on their online store and I tend to find the Tall sections in store tend to be pretty limited, if there at all, but they have a good returns policy so it's pretty easy to order online.

Best for jeans

My favourite place for jeans has to be Topshop. One of the few places that goes up to a 36" leg length and doesn't call 34" Long! The jeans are excellent quality and there is a great choice of styles available. My favourite are the Leigh jeans which are a super soft stretchy material with a skinny cut. Again like New Look the instore selection its always great but the bigger Topshop's like the one on Oxford Circus have a large Tall selection which holds all the styles and washes available. You can also easily order online.

Best for jumpsuits isn't somewhere I had initially thought to look for Tall clothing but after having looked around for a jumpsuit on other sites I found they had the best selection. I was happily surprised by the variation in styles and prints had to offer and it's also a great place for other items such as dress and coats. A common problem with buying jumpsuits I find being tall is that it's not just your legs that are longer. I have proportionally a very long body, so I come across an issue with jumpsuits and playsuits that they just aren't long enough, and you end up with an awful camel toe situation which no one wants or needs to see! These ones from Very are cut in a way that you don't get that situation and they actually fit really well in both the body and the leg length.

If you like me are tall and know of any other places where I can buy well fitting clothing please let me know because I would love to try out some new brands!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Money saving tips

Now if you are anything like me you'll want to make your hard earned money go as far as possible, but also have shopaholic tendencies! Here are some easy tips to help you make the most out of your cash!


If like me you do most of your shopping online there are now countless sites where you can get cash back every time you shop. The percentage of cash back varies from retailer to retailer but you can normally expect to get around 3% cash back on most purchases. You can get cash back from a variety of retailers so whether you're ordering a new pair shoes or a your Friday night take away you could save yourself a few pounds. Quidco is my favourite site and one that I regularly use. The one downside to cash back sites is you don't see the benefit straight away and it sometimes takes a few months for your cash back to be bankable.

 Daily deals

Sites like Emerald Street can give you some great money saving offers. If you sign up to their mailing list you will get sent daily emails which include interesting articles and can include promotional discount codes. One of the best offers they do are Two-For-One on afternoon tea. I have also seen money off codes for online retailers. 

Designer Shopping

If you find yourself lusting after designer goods then sites such as BrandAlley and SecretSales are a great place to look. They hold time limited sales for big name brand and you can grab yourself up to 70% off your favourite labels. It can be hard sometimes to get items in the size you want because stock does tend to go quickly but if you look ahead to upcoming sales you can usually grab a great deal. 

Lifestyle Deals

Wether you're looking for a gift, spa day or theatre tickets sites such as AmazonLocal, Groupon and Wowcher usually have a deal for it. These sites offer discounts to a variety of activities which can save you up to 80%. I have ordered a few afternoon teas and days out through these sites and have found them really enjoyable. It's also nice if you are planning a day out to see where you can maybe treat yourself to a fancy dinner without breaking the bank. 

Holiday Deals

Everyone deserves a break once in a while and if you, like to have a little luxury in your life then sites like Secret Escapes are a great place to look. They do weekly sales with the best offers for last minute holidays and hotel stays. Whether you're looking of a city stay or a spa retreat they usually have something to suit your every need. Another benefit is they also have holidays available which are outside of the UK.