Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Yes Style Bag Review

I came across Yes Style when browsing on Instagram. In the past I have always been sceptical when buying online from companies that aren't based in the UK or America. I have been scammed before when I've ordered something and it never showed up and have ended up spending weeks chasing up a refund. But I decided to give Yes Style a go to see how their shopping service compared.

When I first went to the Yes Style website I was impressed, the quality of the website and the clear layout made it obvious to me that this was a legitimate website and not one out to make a quick buck from an unsuspecting customer.

I quickly found myself in the handbag section and came across this lovely grey suede/leather effect bag. As you can probably see this bag is a dupe for the massively popular Chloe Faye. However it doesn't have any of the fake branding so is more of an inspired by piece rather then a fake.

If you want to get yourself one of these here's the link Secret Garden Shoulder Flap Bag

The whole process of ordering, postage and customer service was the same as you would expect to get when purchasing from any online retailer. My order was easy to process, I received confirmation emails straight away and was also notified when my bag was dispatched. I wanted to see how good the customer service was so I emailed through a query about my order and got a helpful response very quickly.

The shipping time on my bag was around 12 days which is good considering it was shipped from Asia and the postage was free! My bag came very safely packaged which I think is always reassuring when ordering from a new company.

To the bag itself, I was concerned that the bag would be a bit cheap looking because of its low price but I couldn't have been more wrong. This bag is great quality, not made from real leather but the finish looks fantastic. The stitching is all need and finished well and the metal hardware has remained untarnished even after several uses.

My overall experience from Yes Style has been very good, I would highly recommend having a look on their website. They have such a wide range of products I am sure there is something for everyone.

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  1. Love this bag so much it looks so similar to the small Chloe Faye bag 😍😍 great post!! X